Borsu Shahnavaz

Innovation Analyst
UK Power Networks

Borsu Shahnavaz is a Chartered Engineer and an Innovation Analyst at UK Power Networks. He has over 10 years UK and international experience mainly in energy sector. Borsu specialises in distribution and transmission electricity networks and has experience in low carbon innovative projects, generation planning, electricity wheeling, design and development of information system and project management.

In the UK, Borsu has worked on a variety of innovation projects for UK Power Networks including Network Visibility and Control, energywise, Smart Urban LV Networks, Flexible Urban Network Low Voltage, Distribution Network Visibility, and PD Condition Monitoring System.

Before joining UK Power Networks, Borsu worked as an energy consultant at Ricardo Energy and Environment. He was involved in various international projects including development of a wheeling charging model for Jamaica, development of a generation planning model for Uganda, research and development of a decision support system for energy policy makers in the EU countries and developing an information system for performance management in power sector in Bangladesh covering KPI analysis of six power utilities.

Borsu has an MSc in Engineering projects and System Managements, and MSc in Mining Engineering. He is a member of Energy Institute and the British computer society (BSC).