Speaker Biographies

Robin Hagemans

Partner (Former Senior Manager Data & Insights Alliander)

Robin Hagemans MSc has broad experience in developing data-driven organisations and enabling IT-architectures. Within the scope of ‘Sensor to Sense’, he is capable of growing organisations and technology from the first steps of data-innovations through to large-scale implementations at the Enterprise level. He studied Process Engineering and Business Science in the Netherlands, and recently moved to Infiniot, on the High Tech Campus, as Partner for Data Intelligence. He worked for more then 10 years in the utility sector with Alliander (Senior Manager Data & Insights) and Stedin (Lead Data Competence Center).

Miguel Moreira da Silva

Head of Data & Analytics

Miguel Moreira da Silva is an expert on Energy Systems and an experienced manager at multinational companies.  Miguel was selected, in 2013, one of the 100 “Future Energy Leaders” by the World Energy Council. He holds a PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems from the MIT Portugal Program and is a chartered Electrical and Computer Engineer from U.Porto.

He has handled engineering and management roles in the energy value chain (REN, Itron, Iskraemeco, EDF). Besides the industry activity, Miguel has been lecturing energy fundamentals at U.Lisbon and served has technology advisor the Portuguese Government.

Miguel has been working at REN (Portugal’s power and gas TSO) for 7 years, firstly as Head of Innovation and then as Head of Electricity Asset Management. In the last 2 years he has launched the Data & Analytics department, aiming at developing a data-centric organization, including asset sensing, BigData, AI models, and business intelligence..


Jeff Montagne

Chief Data Governance Officer

Jeff Montagne is working as Chief Data Governance Officer for Enedis. He is also a member of the ETIP/SNET working group on digitisation of the electricity system and customer participation. With 20 years of experience in IT systems and control for utilities, Jeff has worked successively on SCADA communication protocols and market exchange platforms for the French TSO, on modernizing security and architecture policies for EDF IS Group, and then on digitalisation for Enedis. He also spent several years in finance within EDF Group. He graduated in engineering from Telecom ParisTech/Stuttgart university and holds an MBA from ESCP Europe.

Jon Black

Load Forecasting Manager
ISO New England

Jon is currently Manager of Load Forecasting at ISO New England, the not-for-profit corporation responsible for keeping electricity flowing across the six-state New England region. In this role, he provides technical direction for energy analytics and both short-term and long-term forecasting of load, distributed photovoltaic (PV) resources, and energy efficiency.

Formerly, Jon served as the ISO’s Lead Engineer on efforts to efficiently and reliably integrate distributed PV into the regional power system. Upon joining ISO in 2010, Jon assisted with the New England Wind Integration Study and the design of wind plant data requirements for ISO’s centralized wind power forecasting system.

Jon is currently a PhD student researching advanced forecasting techniques within the Big Data Energy Analytics Laboratory (BigDEAL) at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He received his MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where his research at the UMass Wind Energy Center explored the effects of varying weather on regional electricity demand and renewable resource availability.


Samuel Young

Analytics Development Leader
National Grid

Samuel is an Analytics Development Leader working at National Grid within the Electricity Transmission Owner. He focuses on identifying innovative uses for analytics within the organisation, as well as designing and delivering modern analytics solutions to replace legacy platforms. Most recently he has been leading the transfer of National Grid’s asset condition monitoring data and analytics onto a new in-house data lake. Prior to joining National Grid, Sam worked in financial services, developing strategies and models to manage consumer credit risk.

Petr Lang

Project Manager, Asset Strategy & Projects
E.ON Distribution

Petr is a project manager in the Innovation Projects Unit at E.ON Distribution, a Czech DSO. He has spent the last three years managing the GIS, SCADA and SAP data integration within the data-driven IT projects that challenge current decision-making processes and introduce fundamental changes to both investment and operational worlds of the DSO, particularly through the introduction of predictive maintenance over gas and electric distribution network. He holds a master’s degree in Economics from the faculty of Economics at University of South Bohemia and is a long-time technology and innovation enthusiast.

Mario Larcher

Data Scientist

Mario is a Data Scientist in the Infrastructure and Networks Digital Hub of Enel, a multinational energy company generating energy with a managed capacity of more than 88 GW and with almost 72 million end users around the world. He has a B.Sc. in mathematics and a M.Sc. in statistical sciences.

Since joining Enel, his main task has been to improve the analytical approach in identifying fraud and anomalies related to electric meters. After a deep dive regarding the strategies used by seven Enel distribution companies located in South America, he defined a new machine learning pipeline applicable to the circumstances of each of these.

Current results obtained by the project show that a modern machine learning approach in a big data context can indeed boost the performance of classical statistical approaches.

Luca Grella

Innovation Workstream Lead
UK Power Networks

Luca Grella is an electrical engineer with a master degree on Power Systems. He is a Chartered Engineer in Italy and a member of the IET in the UK. Luca has experience in construction and design of electrical systems as well as project management focused on technical project delivery matured while working for the Danish consulting engineering group Ramboll. Luca joined UK Power Networks as Innovation Workstream Lead and he is responsible for the successful delivery of the technical elements of a number of NIC and NIA projects including Kent Active System Management and Active Response.

Oliver Motz

R&D Manager

Oliver Motz is working as R&D Manager at Innogy SE Grid & Infrastructure Segment. He develops and heads data driven projects mainly for innogy’s DSOs in order to raise transparency and save opex and capex. Oliver’s passion is to develop services with internal clients and bring them to the market. He studied Business Administration at the Private University Witten/Herdecke and holds a PhD in Economics.


Benjamin Kauffmann

Senior Manager
Accenture Smart Grid Services

Ben is a Senior Manager with Accenture’s Smart Grid Services practice, having worked +8 years in utilities for utility retailers and network operators (gas, electricity and water) specialising in IT/OT and grid analytics. He has led complex digital transformation projects/programmes across the utility value chain from grid operations, asset management, field work force management, capital programme, sourcing & procurement to piloting smart grid technologies.

Borsu Shahnavaz

Innovation Analyst
UK Power Networks

Borsu Shahnavaz is a Chartered Engineer and an Innovation Analyst at UK Power Networks. He has over 10 years UK and international experience mainly in energy sector. Borsu specialises in distribution and transmission electricity networks and has experience in low carbon innovative projects, generation planning, electricity wheeling, design and development of information system and project management.

In the UK, Borsu has worked on a variety of innovation projects for UK Power Networks including Network Visibility and Control, energywise, Smart Urban LV Networks, Flexible Urban Network Low Voltage, Distribution Network Visibility, and PD Condition Monitoring System.

Before joining UK Power Networks, Borsu worked as an energy consultant at Ricardo Energy and Environment. He was involved in various international projects including development of a wheeling charging model for Jamaica, development of a generation planning model for Uganda, research and development of a decision support system for energy policy makers in the EU countries and developing an information system for performance management in power sector in Bangladesh covering KPI analysis of six power utilities.

Borsu has an MSc in Engineering projects and System Managements, and MSc in Mining Engineering. He is a member of Energy Institute and the British computer society (BSC).

Gunnar Hoffmann

Head of Big Data Analytics

Gunnar studied mechanical engineering and computer science at the University of Freiberg. Following this he began his professional career at RWE Power within the department for “Hard Coal and Gas Fired Power Stations” with a focus on the further development and optimisation of business processes as well as operation management systems. For several years he was then engaged in the corporate research and development department at innogy SE with an emphasis on conventional power plant technology, decentralised energy supply and Smart Energy. Since April 2017 he has been in charge of the Big Data Analytics department delivering platform services and solutions across all innogy segments and corporate functions.

Marina Grujic Milosevic

Business Strategist

Marina Grujic Milosevic employed at Vattenfall Distribution Sweden. Marina has a Master’s in nuclear physics and has a broad interest in research – interested in everything from climate change, machine learning, and energy distribution. In her current role at Vattenfall, Marina is focusing on monitoring and improvement of the low-voltage network.

Stefan Lanz

Data Scientist

Stefan Lanz is a Data Scientist in the Network Information Systems division of BKW, the largest distribution grid operator in Switzerland. After several years as a researcher in theoretical particle physics, he has switched into the energy sector as a load forecast expert in energy trading. He has worked on the development of software that allows distribution grid operators to understand and actively optimise flexible loads in their grid. More recently, he has focused on data from network information systems with the goal of digitising time-consuming and complex processes and gaining new insights into the grid.

Ana Filipa Ribeiro

Project Manager

Ana Filipa is a Project Manager at Mission Critical Application Development Unit at EDP Distribuição, the Portuguese electrical DSO. She has spent the last three years managing projects related to Big Data and BI-SCADA platforms which support decision-making and operational management of the distribution network. She received her PhD in Applied Mathematics in 2014 from the Faculty of Sciences of Porto University. She was a member of the Institute of Systems and Robotics – Porto; an Invited Assistant at both the Polytechnic of Porto School of Engineering and at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto.


Ivan Sturlic

Head of IT Department for Power System Planning, Analysis and Market Support

Ivan Sturlic graduated at the Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in 2003. Since then, he has been working at the Croatian Transmission System Operator (IT Department) for 15 years, and is currently responsible for power system planning, analysis and market applications. He is highly experienced in the development of wide area monitoring, data warehouse, scheduling, energy accounting, and settlement applications. He is now a Project Manager responsible for the development of a new data warehouse system and a common data model according to IEC standards. In addition to this, he actively participates in the local implementation project for the cross-border intraday energy market.

Liga Sadovica

Head of Data Analysis
Augstsprieguma tīkls

Liga Sadovica is the Head of Data Analysis Group at Latvian Transmission System Operator AS “Augstsprieguma tīkls”. She has BSc in Economics and Business and MBA and is currently working towards a doctoral degree in Power Engineering. She has worked on IT system development and Business Intelligence solutions implementation for a wide range of industries including telecommunications, forestry and education. Currently she is involved in the development of the Latvian national electricity market data exchange platform, the development of the common Baltic electricity data exchange platform; introduction of the demand response service market in Latvia and development of AS “Augstsprieguma tīlks” balance management system.

Bas Van Dorst

Principal Solution Specialist, Data & Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft Advanced Analytics

Bas is active in several customer centric roles for more than 25 years. The last 17 years of his career he is more focused on Software solutions within several industries and all kind of organizations. The last 4 years of his career Bas was intensively involved in Data & AI developments within the Utility Industry working for SAS Institute. This year Bas started at Microsoft being a Principle Solution Specialist PSS. He is responsible for identifying, driving and closing complex data & AI use cases for Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform to drive adoption of public cloud for Dutch Enterprise customers like Eneco, Stedin and Enexis.

José Gonzalez Pastor

Economic and Adequacy Analyst

Jose works for Elia, Belgian Transmission System Operator, as Economic & Adequacy Analyst. He has an MsC in Electrical Engineering from ULB and a Management degree from Solvay Business School. Prior to his current position, Jose was responsible for the evolution of the metering, business intelligence and transparency systems at Elia. He has been working for Elia since 2011. Before joining Elia, Jose was working in the Aviation sector as data scientist. He has accumulated several years’ experience in business intelligence and data science.

Mark Ewan

Vice President of Global Strategy for Utilities and Geospatial

Mark Ewen is the VP of Global Strategy for Utilities and Geospatial at Cyient – a global leader in engineering design services, manufacturing, networks and operations. Mark is an executive leader with detailed exposure to pressing industry issues such as smart metering, smart grid, asset management, work management, mobility, IT/OT integration and analytics. Mark has worked with T&D utilities, retailers & water companies in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and the Middle East briefing C-level executives on key industry issues and transformation of customer experience, consumer engagement in smart energy, energy brand development, market entry formation and disruptive approaches to strategic market participation.

Ebisa Negeri

Data Solution Architect
Microsoft Advanced Analytics

Ebisa is a data solution architect at Microsoft with a strong expertise in smart grid. In his PhD thesis titled “Smart Power Grid – A Holonic Approach”, he has presented his research results on prosumer-centric smart grid with a comprehensive approach covering control architecture, demand response, and network analysis. Ebisa’s industry experience as a data scientist in various industries also includes applying advanced analytics techniques to extract valuable insights from energy consumption data. In his current role at Microsoft, Ebisa has been leveraging Azure Cloud capabilities and his industry expertise to empower Power & Utilities industry customers across Western Europe in their digital transformation journey.

Guillaume Leclercq

Senior Consultant

Guillaume Leclercq (Msc Mathematical Engineering, UCLouvain 2007) holds a PhD. in Mathematical Engineering from UCLouvain. He is a Senior Consultant in the Grid&Market group at N-SIDE, where he has worked on industrial process (steel), energy and research & innovation topics. Guillaume is the project manager of multiple projects focusing on the use of advanced analytics in the field of electricity markets, multi-carrier energy synergies, flexibility services for system operators.

Andy Gay

Program Manager

Andy Gay is a recognized expert in Energy Utility operations and geospatial systems.  He has over 30 years’ experience delivering Analytics, GIS, Grid Operations, and Asset Management software projects to T&D utilities globally.  Andy previously worked for Xcel Energy as an IT Manager, for Schlumberger as Manager of Software Projects, and for the past 15 years at General Electric in various software delivery roles.  Andy is currently the Program Manager for GE at Exelon Utilities’ (USA) Business Intelligence Data Analytics (BIDA) project.

Iain Stewart

International Practice Partner, Utilities & Smart Cities

Iain is an executive consultant with experience in many industries, currently focused on utilities and smart cities. He is UK based with extensive global experience working throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA. Iain co-ordinates Teradata go-to-market for utilities in our international region, also working closely with colleagues in the Americas to bring their experience to our international utilities. He has 17 years’ experience working across the utilities value chain and in regulation on projects including customer experience, asset management, and supply chain and workforce management.

Iain also focuses on the emerging smart cities market from both a utilities specific and cross-industry perspective and is part of a wider Industrial Internet of Things team focused on data integration and analytics across all heavy asset based industries.


Jennifer Major

Head of IoT
SAS UK & Ireland

Jennifer has spent her career at SAS working as an analytics consultant across a range of industry sectors. Her job is to help organisations to create and act on insight from data. She has found her recent work in the energy sector particularly fascinating. Balancing reliability and cost against the increasingly urgent need to transition to renewable energy sources creates a significant challenge for policy makers and industry. The innovation required to balance increasingly volatile energy supply and demand got Jennifer seriously interested in the potential of using IoT data to help manage energy – this includes the whole ‘smart’ paradigm of Smart Grid, Smart Homes and Smart Cities.

This realisation of the potential of harnessing IoT data and analytics across all industry sectors prompted Jennifer to transition to a new role heading up the IoT practice for SAS UK & Ireland.

Prof Emil Lupu

Professor of Computer Systems
Imperial College London

Prof Emil Lupu is Professor of Computer Systems in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London where leads the Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research and the Resilient Information Systems Security Group at Imperial College London. He serves as Associate Director with the Institute for Security Science and Technology and is the Deputy Director of the PETRAS IoT Security Research Hub – Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things. His research interests focus on the cyber security and resilience of systems including their physical, digital and human characteristics and their ability to continue operating even when they have been partially compromised.

Prof David Shipworth

Professor or Energy and the Built Environment
UCL Energy Institute

Prof David Shipworth is Professor of Energy and the Built Environment at the UCL Energy Institute. His research focuses on ways to provide demand flexibility within the energy system and roles of consumers, regulators, and buildings in delivering these. He has a particular interest in peer-to-peer energy trading, time of use tariffs, and home energy management systems. He speaks and consults widely in the UK and internationally on peer-to-peer energy trading – particularly on the design, conduct and evaluation of field trials for testing the consumer acceptability and response to different flexibility product offerings.

Dieter Vonken

Senior Manager, Asset Management Excellence & Data Analytics

Dieter is a Senior Manager within the Risk Advisory team of Deloitte Belgium, where he leads the Asset Management Excellence service line.  The focus relates to Asset & Process Performance within Energy, Infrastructure and Utility companies, providing services with respect to various asset management processes, such as Asset Performance, Asset (Risk) Management, Asset Data & Information Management, Data Quality Management, Investment & Maintenance Planning, Dashboarding (BI), Change Management and Organizational Design.

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